From The Pastor’s Desk


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Today, September 18th, 32 of our students preparing for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, are spending time in prayer and reflection in Holy Family Retreat Centre. We accompany them with our prayers. Once again, I would like to exhort the parents of our children who are yet to be enrolled for CCD classes, to do so at the earliest. This will enable the CCD director and the teachers to plan for the classes and to get the get the study materials ready on time.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus invites us to reflect on two opposing ways of life: the way of the spirit and that of the world. He does so by recounting the parable of the unfaithful and corrupt steward, who is praised by Jesus, not for his dishonesty, but for his worldly astuteness! We are called to respond to this worldly astuteness with Christian astuteness, which is a gift of the Holy Spirit. This is a matter of departing from the worldly spirit and values, in order to live according to the Gospel.

Our journey of life necessarily involves a choice between two roads: between honesty and dishonesty, between fidelity and infidelity, between selfishness and altruism, between good and evil. In such situations, Jesus asks us to use the same astuteness that the steward – dishonest as he was – used in securing a safe future for him. While he used it to have a future with monetary security for life in this world, we as Christians and disciples of Christ are asked to work for a security for our life after death!

All through our working years, we make sure that after our retirement, we have enough resources to sustain us till the end of our lives, be it through pension, social security, investments; etc. But how much do we invest for our after-life? Do we even think of what can comfort us and give us peace of mind when we need to leave our earthly dwelling behind?

The steward made use of all the resources at his command, even the stolen resources from his master, to secure his future. We too need to make use of all the spiritual resources that we have – the Sacraments, the Word of God, the opportunities for doing good – to prepare for eternal life. If we do that, the Lord, the angels and the saints will be waiting with open arms to welcome us into the heavenly kingdom!


United in prayers,

Fr. Joy Jacob, SDB