From The Pastor’s Desk

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Wish you all a Very Happy Feast of Christ the King! Today, we acknowledge Christ as the King of the Universe, a King who conquers us with His self-giving love! A kingship which is unlike any other kingship that the world has witnessed.

When we look at the history of humanity, there is no other person who has commanded such loyalty from his followers as Christ does. More people have been willing to die for Christ than for anyone else. Such loyalty is not possible by force, power or domination. It can only be born out of love. That is the significance of the Feast that we celebrate today – Christ as the King of love, King of our hearts!

We are the loyal followers of the King who conquers us with love and demands our loyalty in love too! Our world today seems reluctant to accept a king who demands voluntary loyalty and the surrender of our wills to his plans. The kingdoms and the powers be of the world cannot tolerate such loyalty! It goes also against accepted and established norms of power politics that we see around us.

What does today’s Feast remind us of? That there is joy in belonging to Christ! That it is a privilege to be a Christian! That we are redeemed by His precious blood and that nothing can take away from us the freedom that Christ gained for us on the cross!

Let me take this occasion to wish each of you, a Happy Thanksgiving Day on November 25th-A day to thank the Lord as a family for His blessings, especially in the last year! As we all know, the Lord has kept us in the palm of His hand, during the pandemic and protecting our families!

The Lord bestows continual blessings upon those who are generous in thanking Him. Our forefathers knew this and thanked God even in their poverty and misery. They were still able to recognize the providence of the Father, in spite of the deprivations that they had to experience. Let us make this ‘Thanksgiving Day’ a day to count His blessings, with a heart full of gratitude!


United in prayers,


Fr. Joy Jacob, SDB