From The Pastor’s Desk

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to share some current news from the parish.

St. Joseph’s Medal of Appreciation: This year’s St. Joseph’s Medal from our parish has been awarded to Mr. Albert Ermer. He will receive it from Archbishop Blair on October 16th in St. Joseph’s Cathedral. The criterion this year was that the person selected should have reached out to help the Parish during the Covid pandemic. Al has been doing that by uninterrupted livestreaming of Masses on Sundays and Holy days from March 2020 till today. He also keeps us up to date with all the information regarding parish matters through the Facebook page of the parish. Congratulations to you dear Al! Thank you for your wonderful work!

Raffle: We had a very successful Raffle that brought in $ 9336.00 for the parish. I would like to thank Mrs. Ronnie Sharnick on behalf of the parish for her hard work and for organizing it so efficiently. Her team of helpers together with Karen Palange contributed greatly for its success. Thank you to all of you who were very generous towards this fundraising event of our parish.

CCD Registrations: There are some more children from the parish who are to be enrolled for CCD. Since parents from other parishes too are coming to register their children in our parish, I request all our parents to kindly complete the registrations as early as possible. We had a fruitful meeting of all the CCD teachers on September 15th. Diane Parzyck, our CCD Director, will inform you of the modalities of the classes this year. Our parish is blessed to have a dedicated group of religious educators, who walk with our children in their faith journey! May God bless their generosity!

Church Repair Contributions: Thank you to all of you who have contributed generously towards the fund for Church repairs. So far, we have received $11,670. They include donations from the Plant sale and Take-out contributions from the first Antonio’s fundraiser. The Pointing work cost us $14,000. There were also urgent repair works that were carried out in the Rectory in the past months – Replacing of sewage pipes, treatment for the termites and carpentry works associated with it.

In the Gospel of this Sunday, Jesus invites us to set aside our egos and pride and to become like little children – to imitate the Son of Man who came not to be served, but to serve! May we too learn to serve, like Jesus!

United in prayers,

Fr. Joy Jacob, SDB