From The Pastor’s Desk

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

A Very Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mothers in the Parish! Together with all the other members of the Parish, let me thank you, dear mothers, for the wonderful gifts that you are – not only to your children, but to our parish family and to the whole world! No one on earth can replace mothers! Helen Steiner Rice expresses it very beautifully in one of her poems, called “What is a Mother?” She concludes it by saying:

…in all this world there could not be another

Who could fulfill God’s purpose

As completely as a Mother!

Yes, the greatest honor that is given to each mother is that she is fulfilling God’s purpose as she cooperates with God and participates in God’s work of creation!

Mother’s Day provides us with an occasion to celebrate the maternal dimension of the love of the Lord. One of the beautiful passages where Jesus expresses his motherly love for us is when he says: How many times I yearned to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her young under her wings…” (Mt. 24:37). Indeed, mothers make visible for us the love of the Lord who sacrificed His life for us!

As each of us remembers our dear mothers with love and gratitude, we pray for them and entrust them to the Lord’s care and protection. And to those of our mothers who have gone to the Lord, we offer our prayers for their eternal bliss with the Lord.

As we are privileged to celebrate this day in honor of all the mothers, we also think of thousands of mothers whose sacrifices and love go unnoticed, those mothers who live in difficult situations. We pray that the giftedness and dignity of every mother and woman is upheld and honored.

On this Mother’s Day, we entrust ourselves to Mother Mary, the greatest mother that ever lived, because of her privilege of being the mother of the Son of God. She is our heavenly Mother, loving us, protecting us and leading us to Jesus her Son.

May Mother Mary intercede for all the mothers! May she be our protectress and hope in this time of pandemic!

United in prayer in a special way for all our dear mothers,

Fr. Joy Jacob, SDB